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Learn about how we help Regina residents build long-term financial success through intelligent mortgage choices...

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We're a collective of Regina mortgage brokers...

...with one common goal: to help more Regina residents become successful homeowners. Our mortgage goals are simple: to help guide Regina homeowners to financial freedom. You work too hard for your money to spend more on interest on a Regina mortgage than you have to—enter Regina Mortgage Brokers. What we do as Regina mortgage brokers is simple: we leverage group buying power on behalf go our clients to negotiate lower rates. In fact, we regularly get better rates from your bank than you do. Beyond simple rate negotiation we also manage your mortgage over the long term, in order to save you thousands—and help pay off your mortgage sooner. While this sounds contradictory (as we won’t make money when you’re mortgage free), but we also work highly on referrals.

  • First Time Homebuyers

    Who we work hard with to educate them on the process--because your first steps into homeownership count...a LOT.

  • Self-Employed Homebuyers

    The rules for mortgages for self employed individuals are unique. We help secure the right mortgage for YOUR specific needs.

  • Existing mortgage holders

    Who we help secure lower rates through group purchasing power.

  • Investment Homes & Portfolio Building Strategy

    We help investors get the financing they need to build and grow a successful home investment strategy.


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